Build Page 2
October 7, 2007

Here is a better shot of the
gluing method.  I glue it
first with epoxy/silica, let it
cure.  Then cover with 3
inch wide 6 ounce
fiberglass tape and wet
with unthickened epoxy.
October 7, 2007

The bulwark is attached
next with copper wire
stitches.  I have not glued
it yet.  I ran out of silica.
October 7, 2007

My motor will be an inboard
trolling motor.  So I axed
the outboard motor support
as called for in the plans.  
This saved some weight.

Also, the upper part of the
stern  was redesigned to
be a solid piece rather than
two separate pieces as in
the plans.  I made it out of
3/4 inch Douglas Fir for a
little added strength on the
stern.  I have a tendency to
October 7, 2007

A view from the stern.  The
solid rear is better visible
here.  The bulwarks look a
bit out of kilter here but I
have not glued it yet.  
Adjusting the stitches will fix
this.  These adjustments are
why I use wire stitches
instead of plastic zip ties like
some builders do.

Running Total:  21 hours