Build Page 5
December 15 & 16, 2007

This weekend I pinstriped the
deck and finished installing the
cap rails all around the boat.  It
was raining and cold so I did
not use epoxy on the cap rail.

Gorilla Glue (see note below)
cures with water so the humidity
in the air actually helps the cure
process.  It is waterproof when
cured and will be painted

The cabin is installed and the
white you see between it and
the deck is caulk that will be
painted once it cures.

The holes are cut in the upper
bulwark for the hawes pipes
that will be installed after the
final paint.

Also initially fitted is the Bow
Handle and pop-up cleat on the

Total Time: 74 hours
Note about Gorilla Glue:
Gorilla Glue is an excellent product.  It is a polyurethane glue that cures with moisture.  Once
cured, the manufacturer claims it to be waterproof.  At the very least, it is extremely water
resistant.   However, during the cure process, air bubbles are created when the glue foams
and expands.  Therefore, Gorilla Glue should NEVER be used below the waterline.  Below the
waterline, I only every use marine epoxy.
January 6, 2008        

Not many pictures since I last worked on the boat.  There really is not much to show.  The
last few days I worked on the boat was mainly running wiring and rigging, touch-up painting,
and adding "sparklies" to the cabin floor at the request of my daughter.  Just waiting on the
upholstery now.  It should be finished by January 12th - just in time Abby's 4th Birthday Party
on the 13th!

I took it down to the wire but at least it is complete!

I logged in just under 100 HOURS of build time over a four-month period.

That figure does not include running back and forth to lumber supply yards and hardware
stores.  This should give those of you out there considering building one of these little
beauties an idea of what to expect. The Tubby Tug could be built in less or more time
depending on the quality of finish you want to achieve.  Axing the pinstripes, single color
paint schemes, not being obsessive about the smoothness of the hull could have easily
shaved 20 hours of my build.  It all depends on what you want.  I just wanted to be finished
by January so I took my time and added some special touches.

However you decide to do it, the main thing is to go ahead and do it.  What are you waiting