This is the second boat I have built.  My first boat I named Lil Woody and
was a design of my own.

Unlike Lil Woody, I did not design this boat.  You might say that I learned my lesson.  
YOU might say that - I  will never admit it.  

I bought plans for The Tubby Tug from                                         .  

I was very impressed with the plans and patterns.  The patterns for the wood parts are full
size and printed on craft paper.  It has made things much easier that "figuring it out as I
go" as I did on my first boat.  I will EASILY cover the cost of the plans by not wasting
wood and having to re-do things like last time.  So to any of you first-time builders
out there, if you don't listen to anything I say but one thing, let it be this:  buy the


Length overall                                    9'-0"
Beam                                                  4'-8"
Hull weight approx.                            175 lbs.
Hull depth midships                           20"
Hull depth aft                                       28"
Cabin headroom                                3'-10"
Height overall                                      4'-1"
Displacement at 4" waterline             520 lbs.
Material                                               Imported exterior grade plywood produced
                                                    from certified sustainable forests.  
                                                    (I'm a tree hugger)

Steering                                              Replica ship's wheel and teleflex cable

Average passengers:                        2-3 (Abby and Me)

Hull type:                                              Flat bottom with sides and bottom developed    
                                                    for Stitch-N-Glue sheet plywood.

Power:                                                 50 lb thrust Minn Kota trolling motor with a        
                                                    Kipawa high performance propeller.  The          
                                                    motor is modified to an inboard-type         
                                                    installation.  One 115 amp hour battery under                        
                                                     the aft port seat provides a quick but safe boat with          
                                                    plenty of "water-time" between charging.