January 2009 and I am
finally back to building.

This is where the center
deck beam meets the
breasthook.  It takes a bit of
hand shaping and sanding
to get the bevels right.  It is
Douglas Fir
I added a cross-member (per plans) between frame #1 and the breasthook.  There is no
pattern for this member so I used frame #1 to trace the curvature.  It is attached with
butt-blocks, thickened epoxy and stainless screws.  The outer deck beams are white oak I
salvaged from a 1956 Century that was beyond repair.  I have salvaged much more lumber
from the Century that I will try to incorporate into the build.  The wood is beautiful and almost
impossible to obtain.
I began the beams in the cockpit and have the blocks for the engine hatch area clamped in
place and awaiting epoxy to cure.  This is mahogany that will be finished bright.
How to fill up a garage:

Here you see why the Squirt progress has slowed.  The Squirt build on the far right, A Glen-L
Kingfisher upside down to its left, a Glen-L Tubby Tug, the Glen-L Console Skiff on the
bottom right, a strip-planked skiff of my own design on the left, and Abby's Lil Tug (Glen-l)
just out of the picture.  

All this and I still have a job.

My new years resolution is not to start another project until I finish ALL of these.
Feb 2008

I installed the shelf
that the 11 gallon
tank will be
mounted to.  Due to
the small size of the
Squirt making
weight placement a
serious issue, I
decided on the tank
in the bow.  I also
painted prior to
installing the deck -
it is much easier at
this stage.