KB's Squirt Design Page

Design Characteristics

Length overall                11'-6"
The original design specifies a length of 10 feet with the ability
to extend it up to 10%.  I am lengthening the hull by 10% and  
then adding a "swim platform" to the stern.  I estimate my
length over all (LOA) to be 11'-6"

Beam                                 4'-4"
I did not change the beam mainly because it is not
recommended and I am no naval architect so I adhered to
the plans.

Hull depth                           20"

Average passengers 1-2

Hull weight (approx.): 120 lbs.

Cockpit size: 36" x 26"

Hull type: Vee bottom hard chine hull developed for sheet plywood planking.

Power:             580cc inboard SeaDoo motor with Jet Drive


As many of you who know me have heard me say, I will never design my
own boat again.
 Lil Woody convinced me of that.  Naval architects and
qualified boat designers have the expertise to keep you safe and happy
on the water and have already done the legwork.   Don't get me wrong,
is a wonderful fishing boat.  But the fun for me is in the build, not in
the designing.

That's not to say that a modification or two of someone else's design is not
unacceptable.  Here are the modifications I am planning on the Squirt.

Inboard Engine.  Original design is for a short shaft outboard.  I am
installing a SeaDoo SP 580cc 2-stroke inboard with jet drive.  I just like the
way inboards look.  I am trying to achieve a miniature version of an old
gentleman's racer.

Lengthening the hull 1 foot.  This is necessary for two reasons:
1).  I am 6'3" tall
B).  To facilitate the installation of the inboard drive train.

Swim Platform.    This is mainly for looks.  It will hide a large portion of
the jet pump that sticks out of the back of the boat.  

Reverse the angle of the transom.  Again, this is just for looks.  
Without an outboard hanging off the back you have many options.

Rounding the transom.  I have not decided if I will do this or not.  I will
decide when I get to that stage.  It is a good bit of extra work but the affect
might be worth it.