Squirt Hatch
Here is the beginning of the Engine Hatch.  It is a mahogany frame with 1/4" marine ply and
then 3/16" Honduran Mahogany strips.  If you look, you can tell the planks on the hatch
and the planks on the transom do not line up.  That re-do will come later.
It looks almost
complete.  BUT, the
exhaust riser is not
installed yet.  It will
not clear the  
hatch.  My solution
is below.
Cutting a hole in the
freshly constructed
hatch was not as
nerve-racking as
cutting the
hole in the hull for the
motor install.  But it
was a little
I had to sand away
about 3/16" with a
belt sander and
reapply homemade
veneers to get
the planking to line
up with the hatch
And here we have
a scoop/air intake
of my own design.
It was cheaper
than buying a
scoop and looks
more at home on
the boat.
The side profile
shows the height.  I
made it as low as I
could and still have
1/2" clearance
between the riser
and the scoop.

Here you see the
first coat of epoxy
with vinyl striping
applied.  There will
be two more coats of
epoxy prior to the
clear coat