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Well it seems I am at it again.  This is my second build of a Glen-L design with a third
already in the works - more on that later. The
Glen-L design I am building this time is
called the "Squirt."

I am modifying this design within the limits of the original design.  Check the design
page for the specifics.

I began this build in April of 2008.  I am not keeping track of my hours or time because I
have already done that on previous builds.  It took 100 hours to build the Tubby Tug and
700 hours to build my strip planked fishing boat.  Now I just build when I have spare
time because I don't sit idle well.   I build more during the winter months because I can't
be out enjoying lake like I am during the summer months.

Check back periodically.  I try to get something new accomplished every week or so
and update accordingly.

To some of you experienced builders, this might seem a bit below your skill set.  I
would welcome your suggestions.   I am by no means trying to portray myself as an
expert or even above average in knowledge about this process.  I am simply
documenting my experiences and learning every time I pick up a tool, it seems. This
site should not be considered an instruction manual but instead a documentation of MY

Any fellow builders or prospective builders out there feel free to contact me with any
questions or comments.


KB - the Bulldog Boater