Squirt Transom
One of the issues with a jet powered boat is that you get better
performance the further the jet sticks out past the hull.  The problem with
that is:  jets sticking out the back of a boat are ugly.  So I tackled the
dilemma by extending the jet out the back and then covering a large
portion of it with a "swim platform
Most of the platform was built with scrap mahogany.  It is amazing how valuable those little
scraps become.  The difference in the shades of wood are again, Honduran Mahogany on the
of epoxy and clearcoat to come.
I think the only thing worse than the reverse on a jet boat is a jet boat with no reverse at all.  
The donor SeaDoo was not originally equipped with a reverse.  However, the parts from
several models are interchangeable. I purchased a reverse cone, cable, and pull lever and
added it to the Squirt.
Much of building a boat it compromise.  This is the compromise I designed.  The rear deck
starts next and I have already noticed an issue.  The exhaust will not fit under the deck in its
current configuration.  Stay tuned to see how I handle that.