Windshield and Deck Fittings
Most of the last few weeks have been minor things that do not photograph well - engine
wiring, gas lines, steering and throttle controls.  But I made the windshield yesterday and it

This is the mock-up in scrap Luaun.  The brackets are vintage Wilcox-Crittenden I found on
Ebay.  They are cast aluminum and need to be polished but that will come later.  I have a lot
to do before The Gathering of 2009 and polishing brackets ain't one of them.
Here is the finished product in 1/4" plexiglass available at Lowe's.  I will probably upgrade later but - again - I am
on a time constraint and Lowe's had it in stock for 14 bucks.  Cut with a jigsaw and sanded smooth on the top.  
The gasket at the bottom was off an old parts boat.
The windshield and all the deck fittings are dry fitted before final varnishing.  It is easier to cover all exposed
wood.  The deck fill for the gas is SeaFit.  The cleat is a no-name brand (Chinese) off Ebay.  The Bow handle is
a vintage reproduction.  The Chocks are off the same 1956 Century as the Honduran Mahogany used on the
deck, and the bow lights are Vintage reproductions.
The hatch brackets are reproductions of the boot lid hinges off a vintage Austin Mini.  I got this suggestion from
another builder.  They are inexpensive, look like they belong on the boat, and - most of all - they work.

Next week I am on vacation before The Gathering of Boat Builders at Lake Guntersville.   Hopefully I will have
everything finished in time.