Tubby Tug
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Built by
Kevin Brown
What's going on here?

In the winter of 2006 I decided to build a wooden boat.  I had a bunch of free wood so it
seemed like the thing to do.  I won't get into that build but a picture of Lil Woody is

What I found was that I really enjoyed the build process.  Add to that,  my daughter
loves the water and spent many adventure filled days this summer with me jumping
from island to island and visiting various marinas.

When building Lil Woody, I casually mentioned that I would build Abby a boat one day.  
That statement was quickly followed by "when do I get a boat, Daddy"? Every time we
went to the lake she asked the question again - just as any 3 year old would do.

That is what has brought me to the Tubby Tug by Glen-L Designs - or as it will be
named "Abby's Lil Tug".  The idea was to build it over the early winter and have it
ready for her 4th birthday party in January of 2008.  With a late night push two days
before her birthday - I finished it.  I water tested it the day before her birthday and
delivered it to the little bright-eyed angel at her party surrounded by all her friends.  I
think I was equally as excited as she was.    Just what every 4-year-old needs!

I documented this build for those who might be interested and my own personal

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