Mid March, 2009 Here you see African Mahogany around the edges and Honduran mahogany
right down the middle.
Here better shows  difference in shades of the Mahoganies.  The Honduran is a deeper color
although both of them darken with epoxy/varnish and exposure to the sun.  I did not plan on
the center beam extending to the very edge.  But after careful measuring, I realized if I did this
I would have enough length in one board to do the entire edge decking.  Stay tuned, I have
ZERO room for error.
Late March 2009 I began the deck planking.  The richness of the Honduran Mahogany really
comes out with a coat of epoxy (port side).  I am filling the gaps with thickened epoxy because I
will paint it anyway.  I chose to paint for easy of maintenance.
The initial deck layup is complete.  The screw holes have been plugged with bungs I made
from scrap wood of the same board so it should match well.  Now the epoxy coats, sanding,
and clearcoat will follow.
The initial coat of epoxy has been applied.  After I added the epoxy, the errors in sanding
became much more apparent.  You can seem some sanding gouges near the point of the
bow.  Sanding resumed and the picture below was the result.